Minecraft | Install Minecraft 1.8.8. on Apple Mac OSX El Capitan

There is a new native installer on Minecraft 1.8.8 and now OS X El Capitan, no more Java problems!

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About Minecraft

Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.

It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean. It’s pretty. Brave players battle terrible things in The Nether, which is more scary than pretty. You can also visit a land of mushrooms if it sounds more like your cup of tea.

You can buy Minecraft for PC/Mac here, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition on the XBLA Marketplace, and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta on the Microsoft Store, and Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition, Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition, and Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition on the Playstation Network. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon Kindle Fire.
So far 20,854,172 people bought the PC/Mac version of the game. Phew.


About Apple

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.

OS X El Capitan

There’s more to love with every click.

More than ever, Mac is the computer people love to use. And one of the biggest reasons is OS X. It’s what makes a Mac a Mac. OS X El Capitan, named for the iconic landmark in Yosemite National Park, builds on the groundbreaking features and beautiful design introduced in OS X Yosemite, refining the experience and improving performance in lots of little ways that make a big difference. And it’s free to upgrade.


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Download Java for OS X Yosemite for Minecraft, Yosemite 10.10 and Minecraft


CS GO | 5 Operation Phoenix Case Unboxing | Unbox Video #2 ★ NO AK 47 REDLINE :O ★

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Grapeapplesauce Texture Pack [NEW 2017]

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How to Port Forward any Minecraft Server! (1.7.9)

NOTE: This tutorial is fully compatible with the new Minecraft version 1.7.9 for both the original server apps and new in-game server. When it comes to port forwarding, your Minecraft server’s version makes no difference.

This is a full step-by-step tutorial on how to set up port-forwarding for your Minecraft server so people across the internet can connect.

This tutorial covers everything you may need with regards to port-forwarding and does not require any specific operating system (i.e. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) because configuration is done on the router itself.
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

Find a tutorial specifically for your router model at http://portforward.com

Download Minecraft: http://danfl.co/QQUe

Further Tutorials:
Setting up a static local IP address:
Find your router’s local IP address:
Setting up Dynamic DNS for Minecraft:

Want to know how to create a Minecraft server? Check out my two tutorials:
Windows: http://youtu.be/1cSgHbtX4YY
Mac OS X: http://youtu.be/PlAJUqPT5qI

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How to get Minecraft SP, Mineshafter Squared, and Too Many Items Mod on OS X Lion

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Link for minecraft sp:

Link for TooManyItemsMod:

Link for mineshafter squared:

What you should type in finder:
~/Library/Application Support
Archiver Link:

In this video, we have showed you how to get minecraft on Mac OS X Lion and finding the Application support file. Be sure to already have a Minecraft account!


como baixar e instalar o luncher do minecraft 1.8.7 atualizado !!! (ou versao mais antiga)

java : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7-downloads-1880261.html
minecraft 1.8.7 atualizado: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrhaik2xh7j9kit/Minecraft.jar?dl=0
minecraft 1.8.7 desatualizado: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eur9u3teea516u7/Minecraft%20Launcher%2018.7%20PIRATA.jar?dl=0